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Hello HoneySkulls and SugarBones,

I have a FA account and it's pretty dead. :XD:
I can't draw any naughtiness very well but that's why I have FA
To practice and get better at it + Anatomy reasons.
So, any couple idea's? Do realize this is NO GARENTEE I'll draw it..

Idea by :iconrt912: his oc's Tempest and Xeno
Meme seen by :iconetherealapricity:
By her you asked the OC and then she's give you the info about them
I want to do it a little bit different.
I'll make a list of Oc's of who you can choose from.
No tags, just pure for fun ;)

1. Majin Najib
2. Majin Kane
3. Majin Magnus
4. Alice.
5. Morgaine
6. Banella
7. Terba Asked By :iconrt912: Done
8. Hado. Asked by :iconlion-heart-ksa: DONE
9 Majin Klaatu
10 Calas
11. Majin Maboroshi 
12. Raburin
13. Merondo
14 kiki
15 Termani
16 Tornada
17 Aneryth
18 Ebina
19 Atsu Asked by :iconkather-by: Done
20 Efron
21 Itri
22 Selena
23 Shaditz.

01. Full name:

02. Best friend:

03. Sexuality:

04. Favorite color:

05. Relationship status:

06. Ideal mate:

07. Turn-ons:

08. Favorite food:

09. Crushes:

10. Favorite music:

11. Biggest fear:

12. Biggest fantasy:

13. Bad habits:

14. Biggest regret:

15. Best kept secrets:

16. Last thought:

17. Worst romantic experience:

18. Biggest insecurity:

19. Weapon of choice:

20. Role Model:

TERBA, Asked by :iconrt912:

01. Full name: Terba  (No last name Saiyan thing)

02. Best friend: My cousin Hado, Majin Kaisheka and Morgaine

03. Sexuality: Straight

04. Favorite color: Green

05. Relationship status: taken by Oniga

06. Ideal mate: Oniga.

07. Turn-ons: Sensitive tail, kisses by my ear.

08. Favorite food: pretty much from everything.

09. Crushes: Oniga Oniga and Oniga.

10. Favorite music: Hard Rock

11. Biggest fear: losing the people I love.

12. Biggest fantasy: Thats a secret

13. Bad habits: Nothing I am aware of then maybe a bit prude yet perverted?

14. Biggest regret: Not to have admit my love for Oniga sooner?

15. Best kept secrets: If I told you they ain't secrets anymore, DUH.

16. Last thought: Oniga's chest... *blush*

17. Worst romantic experience: ...That's possible?

18. Biggest insecurity: Being a freak Saiyan..

19. Weapon of choice: ... I'm an Alien warrior, My bare hands of course!

20. Role Model: Oniga and Hado.

Atsu Asked by :iconkather-by:

01. Full name: Atsu

02. Best friend: my mirror <3

03. Sexuality: Gay

04. Favorite color: Red and Pink

05. Relationship status: Single

06. Ideal mate: has lots of sexyness!!

07. Turn-ons: All the naughty things!

08. Favorite food: Apples and fruit smoothies

09. Crushes: Not really crushes, more a who to do list ~

10. Favorite music: All sorts of music

11. Biggest fear: Not being pretty!

12. Biggest fantasy: All sort of men on top of me ~

13. Bad habits: What bad habits? -hides the alcohol-

14. Biggest regret: Not being prettier then I already am ~

15. Best kept secrets: Darling, this question is highly dumb ~

16. Last thought: -naughty thoughts-

17. Worst romantic experience: That one time a boy discovered I wasn't a girl..

18. Biggest insecurity: No insecurities, I'M FABULOUS!

19. Weapon of choice: Lots of beauty and lust ~

20. Role Model: Don't really have a role model!

Asked y :iconlion-heart-ksa: This one was certainly fun xD

01. Full name: Hado. (I'm a Saiyan we don't have 'last names' Silly)

02. Best friend: my cousin Terba, Majin Kaisheka and Carameja.

03. Sexuality: Straight.

04. Favorite color: Orange

05. Relationship status: Taken by the cute Majin kaisheka

06. Ideal mate: Kaisheka >////> just ssht!

07. Turn-ons: O///o *hides tail* Uuuuhm... Next question?

08. Favorite food: From everything, Saiyan thing.

09. Crushes: Kaisheka Kaisheka Kaisheka! :dummy:

10. Favorite music: Hard rock, Heavy Metal and Nightcore

11. Biggest fear: Losing my loved once or turning evil.

12. Biggest fantasy: Marry Kaisheka and have a family.

13. Bad habits: I smoke.

14. Biggest regret: Not locking the bedroom door..

15. Best kept secrets: Have no secrets...?

16. Last thought: Kaisheka's butt... I MEAN CIGARETS!

17. Worst romantic experience: When Kaisheka and I were yaknow her dad came in.
Should locked that door...

18. Biggest insecurity: My one blind eye and being a freak Saiyan.

19. Weapon of choice: My hands and energy, ki attacks.

20. Role Model: Son Goku.

Interested in Oc's that are not on the list?
Ask why they aren't on the list
And I might answer with one or two from the info list.

I got tagged by :iconjennymax: together with :iconwario-girl:
Since my Vegeta-lady already uploaded it, I found it time I got my lazy butt in action as well :giggle:

There were rules and stuff but, nyah. XD

JennyMax questions:
1)With what animal do you associate yourself?
Wolf or Cat otherwise a Raven.

2)What is the strangest thing you got in your life?
Hm I'm not sure, cause what I might seem to think is normal
Can be odd for another :dummy:

3)Do you like videogames?
Yesss :heart:

4)What game do you like the most?
The Sims 2, 3 and 4. And ofcourse DBZ games.
Killing Krillin Time 8'D

5)Staying home or going outside?
Staying Home, draw, listen to music and sing. XD

6)What number of phones did you have?

7)Your favorite character became real.Your actions?
*Glomps Broly&never lets go* Marry me :heart:w:heart: *Cough* no awkward at all :XD:

8)What do you prefer to watch:cartoons or real life action?
Both exactly.

9)Share your favorite music track.
Too many tracks are my favorite it's hard to pick just one
But here's one of them: 

10)Are you collecting something?
Not sure, got a lot of plushies..
Yes really.. Deal with it :XD:
IF I could buy dbz figures here in the Netherlands, I'd collect that 8'D

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  • Drinking: Milk as always.


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